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Differentiated Rubrics – An Intermediate Language Approach

Differentiated Rubric As part of my teaching practicums, I was able to create Literature Circles, modeled on the Daily 5 experience, which allowed all students to participate in meaningful and accountable reading and discussion.  As a final assessment, students, through individual consultation with the teacher, were encouraged to choose three assessable tasks to complete from … Continue reading

Open Task – Grade 5 or 7 Science: Building Structures
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Open Task – Grade 5 or 7 Science: Building Structures

Culminating Task  After reviewing sample stories featuring historic or famous bridges, exploring “Superstructures” videos on the topic and further connected activities, students will be expected to produce a quality structure within certain budgetary constraints.  This activity requires students to put themselves in the shoes of the architects and engineers who every day build essential structures … Continue reading