About Me

As a kid, I was always a reader. And a writer. My notebooks and dreams were filled with hopes of making it big as a writer, and libraries full of fantastic adventures. I read above my age and grade level, in two languages.

My struggle, however, was in math. When it came to this subject, I couldn’t read it, couldn’t see it, couldn’t do it. In a rural school of limited ability to accommodate specific needs, I was one of the kids who “didn’t get math”. I was “born to be a writer, not an accountant.”

But as I grew older, my learning experiences told me differently. I have taken on the challenge of developing my mathematical approach to the level of my literacy approach. I have sought out mentorships, assistive technology supports, and have pushed myself to accomplish the task of learning to love math as much as I love books.

I have developed a proficiency with assistive technologies which I believe help me to be a more efficient learner.  I share these strategies with my students, and encourage them to discover and teach new strategies and technologies to me, as well.  I firmly believe that an assistive technology or teaching approach that benefits one student, can benefit all students.  I have taken on the challenge of overcoming my own anxieties about mathematics, and look forward to seeing my students feel the boost in confidence and self-efficacy that I feel, when I absorb a new approach, or a new concept.

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