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Google Apps Certification

Those of you who know me, know I have had the amazing opportunity to be working with Toronto-based LEARNstyle Ltd., as an Special Equipment Amount Trainer for the past year (Really?! So long now??!)  This company is great – I’ve learned so much about special education, what different learners look and act like, and about DJ Cunningham and his lovely family.  BUT they have also given me the chance to become a Google Certified Teacher, which I accomplished in February of this year.

Now, I’m taking that training one step further!

So I have recently undertaken the wonderful process of becoming a Google Apps for Education Trainer!!  It’s a daunting prospect, with required Professional Development, speaking engagements and continual skills upgrading and refinement, but an important step on my journey to becoming Ontario’s Most Google Literate Teacher!  (An honour I have entirely created in my own mind…)  Today, I was able to put together my first screencast – simple, but you try narrating one thing, and typing another at the same time.  It’s short (under 2 minutes) but a simple quick tutorial on how to create a simple Graphic Organizer within the Drive, to share with students.  Take a look!

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