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… create multiple representations of mathematical thinking.

Super ball vs. Tennis Ball experiment My students conducted an experiment in measuring the “bounciness” of two types of balls.  They then graphed the results and were able to determine which type of ball had the greater degree of “bounciness.” This experiment allowed students to experience the math concepts through multiple learning styles: kinesthetically, interpersonally/verbally, … Continue reading

Assessment / Literary Resources

Differentiated Rubrics – An Intermediate Language Approach

Differentiated Rubric As part of my teaching practicums, I was able to create Literature Circles, modeled on the Daily 5 experience, which allowed all students to participate in meaningful and accountable reading and discussion.  As a final assessment, students, through individual consultation with the teacher, were encouraged to choose three assessable tasks to complete from … Continue reading

Classics as Levelled Readers for a Differentiated Classroom
Literary Resources / Preferred Resources

Classics as Levelled Readers for a Differentiated Classroom

For an integrated classroom, Penguin (or Macmillan) levelled readers create a great balance between reading “the classics”  and rendering them understandable to a diverse classroom.  Positioned at various reading or language levels, they provide vocabulary coaching and comprehension reviews within the text.  They serve as excellent resources for independent reading time, classroom read alouds, or … Continue reading